Additional options:

Extra Key Row  £300.00

Pyrography designs from £50.00

​Cases (supplied by Bassbags)  £235.00

Bows (by Gewa)  £80.00

​Other options (figured woods, personal designs etc.) by negotiation


Hardwood Model:  £2250.00  ​This intrument is made from a mix of woods with a hardwood back and sides (typically Maple or Sycamore) a spruce neck and Alpine Spruce top with hardwood keybox and keys.  A brighter louder sounding instrument, it is more effective when playing in ensembles, groups or sessions.

Standard Model:  £1900.00  Constructed from Spruce with an Alpine Spruce top and hardwood keybox sides and keys, this type of instrument has a strong, warm voice and lends itself well to playing traditional Scandinavian tunes.

Easytune Model:  £2500.00​  Made from mixed hardwoods and spruce with an Alpine spruce top, this instrument is a departure from the traditional form of Nyckelharpa.  Designed to accommodate Knilling Perfection planetary pegs and with Whitner fine tuners for convenience, this instrument is much easier to tune than the traditional cello-pegged instruments.  Additionally, the sympathetic strings have lightweight planetary tuners​​. For an idea of how this model will look go to Gallery, Instruments, Image 11.

Blackdown Nyckelharpas