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Ian Mcmaster - nyckelharpa maker

Ian McMaster - nyckelharpa maker.


Hello and welcome to Blackdown Nyckelharpas.  My name is Ian McMaster and for the past fifteen years or so I've been making musical instruments.  My interest in building nyckelharpas began when my partner tried one of Olle Plahn's instruments at St Chartier and decided she would like one.  Money was scarce at the time so, having just finished a Hurdy Gurdy  (my first instrument - start with the easy ones I say), I suggested that I make her one as a gift.  Since then I have made several instruments for friends as a way of improving the standard of my craftsmanship. I have now focused on becoming a nyckelharpa maker.

​The starting price for my instruments is currently £1900 for a standard model.  Upgrades to materials and components (machine heads, pegs, fine tuners, etc.) are available; check out the price list.  Please visit the gallery to see examples of my work.  Please note, a 10% deposit will be required with your order.

Enjoy the website!

Ian McMaster