I made this instrument as a way of testing mechanical tuners and as part of the process of creating a four row.

The tuning pegs are mechanical and are made by Wittner and are easy to use. It is currently tuned C, d, g, a. The sympathetic strings are tuned using Goto friction pegs and can be a bit tricky at these tensions but appear to hold their tuning well.

The instrument is sound and has a beautiful voice.  The action is good with a foam spring that can bee easily removed if you wish.

As this instrument is an experiment I'm offering it for sale at £1650.  I can also supply a case (by Bass Bags) at £250 and a bow at £80.

If you are interested please or have questions please contact me.

Ian McMaster - Nyckelharpa Maker

​The Experiment!​


Blackdown Nyckelharpas